Journalution BookJOURNALUTION: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams

Studies confirm what avid journalers have always known: writing helps you move forward in your life, heal, and realize your dreams. This inspiring book balances basic instructions in the art of journaling with intimate entries from the author and workshop participants. Exercises and prompts will gently encourage you to open your journal, and with pen or pencil in hand, begin to transform your life today!

Praise for Journalution:

“Journaling is one of the most powerful tools we have to transform our lives.  Let Sandy Grason’s Journalution guide you in creating a joyful and abundant life.” ~ Deepak Chopra, author of Book of Secrets

“Journalution everyone! Journaling is the tool of tools! My friend Sandy makes this a fun, enjoyable, and totally beneficial process for your heart and soul.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Compassionate, authentic, humorous, and wise, Sandy Grason’s Journalution will show you how to use journaling to cleanse your past and begin living the life of your dreams.” ~ John Gray, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“I believe journaling is an essential accompaniment to our spiritual evolution. In Journalution, Sandy Grason takes you by the hand and guides you through the process of unearthing your own inner wisdom and hidden passions. This book is an inspiration.” ~ Debbie Ford, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and The Best Year of Your Life

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JOURNALUTION: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams (Audio Version on Downloadable mp3s)

Since my very first book signing I’ve been getting the question, “When is your book coming out in audio?” And my answer was always as soon as I can sit still long enough to read my book into a microphone (or until Nicole Kidman is available to read it for me).

Since Nicole hasn’t made herself available, I finally made the decision that I was going to get this done. So I locked myself in a recording studio with my book and read the whole thing!

It was so much fun! (I forgot what a great book it is!) :D

And it seems that during each chapter (or sometimes between each paragraph), I had something new to say, or some funny story that came to me, so I just recorded those too.

The time is now for you to begin reconnecting to your Inner Wisdom, gaining clarity about your purpose and your passion and start living a life that inspires YOU and those around you!

If you’ve been looking for a tool that will transform your world, journaling is the MOST POWERFUL thing you can choose. It has the power to bring the most incredible SERENDIPITY into your life.

All great leaders have used the written word to clarify their vision, motivate themselves and their team and to have the greatest impact on the world. It all begins with a blank page…

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Journaling Prompts (downloadable mp3 collection)

This mp3 collection contains 12 journaling prompts. Journaling prompts are a great way to get you started when you’re not quite sure what to write about. As you listen, I will guide you through the process. Set to soothing music, these prompts will help you to experience the true benefits of journaling.

Here are the tracks you will receive:

1. Introduction
2. Things I Love
3. You…Only Younger
4. Conversation With Your 99-Year-Old Self
5. Naming Your Emotions
6. What’s Your Big Picture?
7. Meet the Masters
8. Perfect Day
9. I Know That I Know
10. Winning Lottery Ticket
11. Finding Joy
12. I Am
13. My Soul Wants


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Create Your Day Meditations (downloadable mp3 collection)

Don’t you wish you could start every single day in a GREAT mood?

Me too! We have all experienced moments when we feel completely connected to the wisest part of ourselves, our vision just flows and we are filled with creative ideas to move our lives forward toward our dreams.

Then we get busy with LIFE and suddenly we wake up in a state of overwhelm, wondering; “How did I get so off track?”

I spent way too much money and countless number of hours looking for some brilliant ‘quick fixes’ to help me refocus. I needed specific guidance – a ‘tour guide’ to help me create my best day, every day! …and it had to be way shorter than an hour.

I couldn’t find it so I decided to create my own “Create Your Day” meditation. I wrote exactly what I wanted to hear, I wrote words that would allow me to tap into my own inner wisdom every day yet guide me toward the life I was creating. I went a little over my 15 minute limit. The title track ‘Create Your Day” is 16:44 running time.

But I didn’t stop there. I thought:

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a guided meditation/visualization for when you were having a BAD day? Or how about when someone really made you MAD? So I created BACK TO A PEACEFUL PLACE (Track 6 – 11:06)

What about a meditation to increase your CREATIVITY? To get those creative juices flowing and ready to write or paint or sing or create something new? (Track 7 – 10:01)

How about a HEALING meditation for when you’re not feeling 100%? (Track 5 – 13:34)

Do you have something very SPECIFIC that you are working on? Try the MANIFESTING YOUR FUTURE track. (Track 4 -13:10)

And when your day is done, whether it was good or not so good, use the COMPLETE YOUR DAY to end the day and get ready to greet tomorrow with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of energy, clarity and focus. (Track 3 – 9:47)

Here are the tracks you will receive:

Welcome 6:11
Create Your Day 16:44
Complete Your Day 9:47
Manifesting Your Future 13:10
Healing Meditation 13:34
Back To A Peaceful Place 11:06
Meditation for Creativity 10:01

We’re staying green – downloadable mp3s only $29.00