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“The Road to Fabulous” is a Virtual Cocktail Party® hosted by Sandy Grason that introduces you to the world’s most fabulous people, while giving you a roadmap to creating a fabulous life that feeds your soul. Mix fun & fascinating interviews with fabulous & successful personalities then add a splash of practical tips that you can apply in your own life – today.

Think “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous meets The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”.

Join Sandy for a celebration of life, shoes, Hot Moguls, building an Empire and finding your Mojo.


Show Summary & Guests Listen
“How to Build a Fabulously Successful Empire & Have a lot of FUN with special guest Tony Heish, CEO of”

Under Tony’s leadership, Zappos has grown gross merchandise sales from $1.6M in 2000 to now upwards of $1Billion by focusing relentlessly on customer service. During this interview Tony shares the inspirations from his early days, lessons learned along the way and secrets every entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business & have FUN along the way needs to know.

Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital & Marathons, Oh My!

Today Sandy interviews Brad Feld nationally recognized speaker on the topics of venture capital investing and entrepreneurship who writes widely read and well respected blogs at and

Listen as Brad shares his story of success and gives tips for when things go wrong “At least they can’t kill you and eat you”.

Melora Hardin, Multi-Passionate Performer, Director & Hot Mogul:

Melora Hardin is probably most recognized for her portrayal of “Jan Levinson”, Steve Carell’s rigid former boss and love interest, on the hit NBC series, “The Office,”. She most recently starred in back-to-back #1 weekend theatrical box-office features in “17 Again” opposite Zac Efron and “Hannah Montana: The Movie” alongside Miley Cyrus. Melora also recently made her directorial debut with the independent feature entitled, “You,” which will is available at You can learn more about her upcoming projects at

Fashion Meets Inspiration: Be Beautiful, Be Yourself, Jet Set Fashion Show:

This weekend celebrities, musicians, philanthropists, athletes, politicians and other notables will come together to raise money for Down syndrome. Michelle Sie Whitten, the Executive Director of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation joins Sandy to reveal some of the fabulous details & talk about how this amazing event came to be. This year’s honoree is music icon Quincy Jones.

Are YOU Ready to Crush It?!:

Meet “GaryVee” aka Gary Vaynerchuck, host of “The Thunder Show” on with over 90,000 viewers each day. His cult-like following is the result of his unconventional commentary on wine, business and what it takes to Crush It online & in life. Gary’s bringing the sexy back to hard work and building an Empire, his new book hits shelves this October, get your copy now at

Check out the Crush It Book Tour:

A Change Will Do You Good:

Meet Sandy’s official “Hot Mogul of Change”, Ariane de Bonvoisin CEO & founder of whose intention is to help you through any change, whether it’s career, health, lifestyle, relocation or personal relationship changes. Find out about the “change guarantee” and why some people seem to handle tough changes better than others.

It’s All About the MOJO:

Today Melani Ward joins Sandy to talk about how your environment and your energy are affecting your business. They also revealed behind-the-scenes details about the Mojo Retreat happening in Boulder next week.

Zen At Your Fingertips-How Gratitude Rocked Apple’s iPhone:

Today Sandy interviews Carla White, creator of the popular iPhone app, Gratitude Journal. Carla shares how gratitude shifted her life from continuous struggles to being infused with meaning and purpose… and how a .99 cent iPhone app is changing the world.

Self-Defeating Money Behaviors are So Not Fabulous:

Join Sandy as she talks with Karen McCall, author, nationally recognized consultant, trainer & speaker on effective money management and founder of Financial Recovery Institute. Learn how to overcome your self-defeating money behaviors through Karen’s unique & highly effective holistic, transformational approach.

Body Brilliance- Are you In Balance?

Today Sandy interviews Hot Mogul, Allan Davidson, author & owner/director of Essential Touch Therapies about your five vital Intelligences and how to master them. Fall in Love With Your Body!

Good Date-Bad Date: Where the Boys Are & How To Get Them:

Marla Martenson joins Sandy on The Road to Fabulous to talk about her books “Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting” and “Good Date, Bad Date”. What should you never do on a first date? Can you use the Law of Attraction to find your soul mate? How does Marla run a busy matchmaking empire, write books AND still have time for a relationship? Find out on today’s show.

From One Idea to $350 Million Dollar Brand:

Join Sandy as she interviews inventor, organizer, entrepreneur & Hot Mogul, Lori Greiner. Lori started with one idea and turned it into a $350 million dollar brand. She’s created over 200 products and has 95 patents! She’s also a well known celebrity personality on QVC-TV hosting her own show call Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner for 9 years. Learn how organizing can make your life more fabulous. Download Lori’s Tip Sheet here

Your Vision, Your Passion. Innovation & Inspiration:

Join Sandy as she interviews “serial entrepreneur, creativity & innovation guru and one woman brand, Jen Groover. Creator, Founder, CEO of The Butler Bag, speaking and media expert on launching and growing your company (and definitely a Hot Mogul).

Putting the Real You in Your Business:

Today Sandy talks with Kaira Rouda, best-selling author of Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs and president & brand creator of Real Living- the 1st national women-focused brand in real estate about how to turn your passion into action.http://

The NON Woo-Woo Guide to Numerology: How to Find Your Flow through Numbers, Names and Yoga:

Today Sandy talks with Expert Numerologist for your Business & Yogini, Melani Ward about the 3 Numbers You Must Know Before Making a Move In Your Business, why celebrities use numerology to choose everything from baby names to movie premier dates and how you can use this ancient science to help catapult your success.

Coin + Kwan: The Ultimate Path to Finding Your Mojo & Building Your Empire with B.A.L.L.S. (and fabulous shoes)

Today Sandy talks about the practices that have had the biggest impact on her life & business and she announces the beginning of a brand new program that’s been years in the making, it’s all about the Coin + Kwan (love): You Can Have It All.

Getting to Ecstasy Through Wine Chocolate & your iPod Playlist

Today Sandy talks to author, David “Yeah Dave” Romanelli about his new book “Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment” about how everyday passions (chocolate, wine, music) can be accessible gateways to the present moment. David’s philosophy is steeped in ancient Eastern traditions, but his humor is inspired by the Farrelly Brothers & Saturday Night Live.

Hot Mogul Mom Building a Bridal Empire

Join Sandy as she interviews Nancy Jaeger, founder and CEO of a suite of sites for brides that sells thousands of different styles of tiaras, veils, jewelry, gloves and handbags. Nancy shares how she went from doing everything herself- from answering phones, programming, packing orders and steaming veils to running a booming bridal empire- all with her young daughter by her side!

Living Pageant FabTM: Because Life’s Just a Pageant, But You Get to Eat the Carbs!

Valerie Hayes went from unknown local coach to Internationally recognized pageant industry leader, the most recognized coach in pageantry and #1 pageant radio show with fans all over the world. What’s her secret? Find out how “pageant fab” can impact your biz & your life and learn how to incorporate the “pageant wave” and the “optional hair toss” for more fun & more success.

2009 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year

Sandy interviews Shari Criso, proud mother of two, Certified Nurse Midwife & Int’l Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has delivered over 600 babies AND built two million dollar businesses from the ground floor up! We’ll find out how she does it and what strategies we can borrow from this amazing Hot Mogul.

How to Quit Struggling, Make a Difference and Join the New Rich

Today Sandy talks with James Roche, master of ‘coaching the product out of you’ about how to use information products to build your Empire. James gave Road to Fabulous listeners a free report called “The Shift: Quit Struggling, Make a Difference and Join the New Rich” you can download here,

I Lost My Job & I Liked It

Today Sandy interviews author & inspriational guru Lilou Mace about her new book “I Lost My Job & I Liked It: 30 Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker” Join us for lots of inspiring stories!

Click here to get your copy of Lilou’s Dream Job Visualization

Want the eBook instead? Click here.

Deja Vu with (the Uber-Cool) Marc Allen

Sandy reprises her interview with the fabulous Marc Allen – last month’s interview was cut short due to some technical glitches. Join in for the discussion of Visionary Business – A New Model for Low Stress Super Success Click here to get your copy of Marc’s Meditation for Stress

Sex, God & Rock ‘n Roll

Stuart Davis is all about the hyphens: Writer-Director-Actor-Comedian-Songwriter. Sandy talks with this Hot Mogul about his art, expression, music and his brand new television show debuting on HD net this month “Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll” and his fabulous pink Pradas!

Shoes, Segues, Solutions & Hittin’ the Sauce

Today Sandy pulls topics from the headlines, gives you tips on “How to Wear Fabulous Hot Mogul Shoes without Killing Your Feet” & talks about where the Law of Attraction meets the Power of Now. She also takes a few live callers!

Visionary Business – A New Model for Low Stress Super Success

Sandy’s guest today is Marc Allen, internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer. He co-founded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a highly profitable player in the independent publishing world. He leads seminars in northern California and gives monthly free teleseminars that reach people all over the world. He has written several books, including Visionary Business,The Millionaire Course, The Type-Z Guide to Success, and The Greatest Secret of All. Click here to get your copy of Marc’s Stress Meditation mentioned on the show!

Hollywood’s Hot Mogul & Spiritual Warrior

Jsu Garcia talks to Sandy about acting, writing, making movies, being bold and Getting in the Love.

Hot Bodies & Hot Moguls: Putting It All Together for Business Success

How to put your hot-body to work in your business to have more fun and make more money – legally! MaryKay Morgan is the founder of and says “Passion lubricates the gears of life, makes it juicy and melts resistance.” Sandy talks to MaryKay about why Being a hot-mogul is all about passion. And how you can get more of it- today!

Be sure to click here to check out Mary Kay’s special offer for listeners of “The Road to Fabulous”.

Lessons from Lipstick? Fun in Dysfunction? Get Ready to Turn Lemons Into Margaritas

Today Sandy talks with The Comeback Coach, Mark McIntosh about his new book “Lemons into Margaritas”, what it means to be a JOCK & his favorite virtual cocktails.

How to Balance Building an Empire & Being a Mom…fabulously

Are you looking for a road map to building an empire while juggling the kids, the business, the laundry? Meet Lolita Carrico, founder of , “the magazine & the community for the woman behind the mom. She believes that balance is the key to having it all. She’s managed to discover ways to grow her business, raise her children and nurture herself. Listen as Sandy & Lolita discuss how to balance building an empire & being a mom….fabulously.

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Fabulous Business

As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Suzanne’s Files, Suzanne Aaronson turned her passion for travel into a successful business with an impressive international following. She now leads an editorial team and countless unpaid international contributors in skimming the world for quality lifestyle finds. Join Sandy & Suzanne as they discuss THE most fabulous travel destinations, what quality lifestyle is all about, how you can turn your passion into a thriving business and, of course, a faaaabulous recipe for your next Virtual Cocktail Party! Visit Suzanne’s website, Suzanne’s Files, and to subscribe to her newsletter.

“Fashionistas, Anti-Aging, Looking & Feeling Fabulous”

Sandy interviews the brains behind the blog sensation Jasmine Anderson (


author & anti-aging expert Jackie Silver drops by for a Virtual Cocktail and to talk about her new book Aging Backwards (

“Hot Moguls, Media/Fashion Empires & Undies, Oh My!” Sandy welcomes two very Hot Moguls from the worlds of fashion & media.

Sarah Prout, owner of a boutique media empire based in Australia called SPROUT Publishing ( talks about her latest projects The Millionairess League & SECRETS OF AN ONLINE EMPRESS.


Fashion Designer and Creator of (, April Spring reveals the hottest new trend in undergarments and talks about what it takes to build a fashion empire.

“How to Manifest Your Fabulous Soul Mate” Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life? Is it your dream to find a life-partner who will love, cherish and adore you? Sandy’s guest today explains how to take control of your romantic destiny. She shares an ancient formula for finding true love that really works! And says; It is possible for anyone at any age if you’re willing to prepare yourself to become a magnet for love. Arielle Ford knows this from experience because She used these techniques to bring her soul mate into her life at age 44. They were engaged six weeks later. And now she’s sharing everything in her brand new book: THE SOULMATE SECRET
“How to Be Completely Present (and Fabulous) in Every Moment” Sandy interviews Josh Pais, writer, actor, director extraordinaire about How to Be Completely Present (and Fabulous) in Every Moment. Josh has appeared in over 60 movies and TV shows. Upcoming films include Leaves of Grass where he stars opposite Edward Norton, Assassination of a High School President with Bruce Willis, Synechdoche New York directed by Charlie Kaufman with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Josh recently shot the Comedy Central pilot, Michael and Michael Have Issues. Pais is the creator and sole master teacher of the Committed Impulse Actor Training. He currently teaches at NYU and the Atlantic Theatre Company’s Acting School, and has taught at Yale and The New School.
“How to Achieve Your Fabulous Goals” Sandy interviews another Hot Mogul from the Publishing world. Peggy McColl, whose new book “Be a Dog With a Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams” was just released by Hay House this month. This NY Times best-selling author says; “Dogs have a lot to teach us about reaching our goals.”
Listen in as Sandy & Peggy talk goals, persistence & (wo)man’s best friend.
The premier of The Road to Fabulous on LA Talk Radio! Sandy ‘tap dances’ while her guests try to call in on the wrong number. It’s a Virtual Cocktail Party© filled with Hot Moguls from publishing, film, music & art. Sandy is eventually joined by Geoffrey Fullerton of, independent filmmaker Lisa Murray of Skylife Productions and NY Times bestselling author Laura Duksta.