Happy Holidays + Dancing


This made me smile…. and I wanted to share it with you. Happy Holidays. mmwwaahhh!  Read More

The Ride of Your Life


I love this interview with Patti Smith.  She gives great advice for creative people.  AND she compares life to a rollercoaster ride, (one of my all-time favorite scenes from the movie Parenthood) I’ve included the Parenthood clip below Patti’s interview for your enjoyment.  Have a great day! Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Patti Smith: “Be concerned... Read More

Jsu Garcia Sundance Film Festival


I ran into the faaabulous Jsu Garcia at Sundance Film Festival and got to attend a screening of his new movie The Wayshowers, we chatted about the incredible energy at the festival and what it’s like to be in a Sundance lab (and work 1-on-1 with Robert Redford). For more info on Jsu’s new movie, visit http://www.TheWayshower.com & check their Facebook page for... Read More

Manifesting Mojo Tips


Hi, Here are my top 3 manifesting mojo tips- so you can Rock Your Manifesting Mojo- Baby! Grrrrrr- Oh- Beeehaaaave.  Read More

New York City


update and some behind-the-scenes from the New York shoot.  Read More



Here’s a video taken a few years ago of a relaxing weekend at our house in Florida. A bbq with friends and family, lots of singing and guitars and good food and conversations.  Lots of Perfect Moments. You’ll also hear my husband singing a song he wrote for our daughter Emily. So beautiful.  Read More

Skiing (kind-of)


More video from our trip to Telluride trip.  This was taken before we moved to Colorado, so fun.  Read More

Telluride Vacation


Here’s a little footage from one of my favorite places on earth. Telluride, Colorado  Read More

Video Highlights


This is a video I made for a speaking engagement in Los Angeles.  My talk was called “Rock Star Marketing Secrets” and I wanted to show the audience the balance I try to create between marketing messages and giving great content so you grow your fan base and they keep coming back for more.  Read More

Kow-a-bunga Bungee!


Whoo-hoo! A Perfect Day. Go do something that scares you.  You’ll feel *so* alive.  Read More