Ask Sandy

It’s the end of the year…. my favorite time to look back, celebrate all that’s happened in my life (get complete with the difficult stuff) and figure out what I really want next year to look like.

I thought this would be a good time to find out what you’re thinking about, working on, struggling with, etc.

So, whaaas up?  How was your year? What did you love?  What kind-of sucked?  If you were hanging out at my house for New Year’s Eve and we were sitting in front of the fire having a cocktail, what would YOU want to share?  If you could ask me anything in the world, what would you want to talk about?

I hope you are having a faaabulous week and getting ready to ROCK the New Year, give me a shout out.  Let me know what’s happening in your life.

Here’s a silly video I made to get you thinking….. (it’s very rare that I put on the “pretty” so I make several videos all at once) and, as you’ll see, I was getting a little loopy here :-D

So, what’s YOUR question? :-D


10 Responses to “Ask Sandy”
  1. Dawn Collins says:

    Sanry, I am trying to make a quick decision of wether spend 15,000.00$ to take financial coaching from Lorel Langemeier. I just am so confused. Please call me if you could at 440-323-6822. I hope to decide by tomorrow evening. YIKES. omG

    • SandyGrason says:

      Hi Dawn,
      I’m not familiar with Lorel’s work and I don’t know anything about your financial situation.
      $15,000 sounds like an awful lot of money for someone who needs financial coaching. Have you read her books and applied her steps already?
      My understanding is that most financial consultants work on an hourly rate or make a % of the money you invest with them.
      “Quick decisions” involving $15,000 would make me a bit nervous, unless of course, that is completely dispensable income for you.
      Take a breath.
      Good luck!

  2. Julie says:

    Dear Sandy…
    Okay, I HAD to post a review of JOURNALUTION on… along with a good healthy slap for not fixing their execrable typo on their site (and in my Kindle!). The typo, to me, is not the ignorable kind. It’s the kind that reaches out and sticks a thumb in your eye! Perhaps you should rattle their cage a bit.

    I do love the book, by the way. I’ve been writing journals for 46 years… I used to have a journaling website, but a big-time bout of depression did it in. The main point of my little rambling site was that journaling should be enjoyable… you have captured that ideation. Better than I did, too; I am entitled to just a wee wittle bit of snarky-type jealousy for that!

    • Julie says:

      Oh, yeah… I feel like I must post this too. So here is my admittedly gritchy review (NOT toward you, but toward Amazon!)…
      This review is from: Journalustion (Kindle Edition)<— See? There it is! Miserable typo! Totally takes the focus off where it's supposed to be. Making "lust" appear in the middle in jarring indeed.

      Please, please, PLEASE fix the typo in the title of this book on your website! The bad spelling totally negates the purpose of the book. It is called "JOURNALUTION"- got that? A take on the word "revolution"? NOT "JOURNALUSTION"!! It came through on my Kindle with that execrable typo intact.

      I'm really not the Spelling Police, or the Typo-Nazi, but I am begging you. FIX IT. This is a lovely book and the author deserves way better! And– YIKES! There it is again, at the top of this review!!

      That said, this is a wonderful guide for journal-writing, whether you're new to it, or (like me)have been writing for 46 years! The author, bless her, never falls into the familiar and ever-so-annoying "Do it THIS WAY" routine; rather, she offers guidelines that will enable you to enjoy your writing.

    • SandyGrason says:

      thanks Julie, I had no idea. I will forward your comments to my publisher and see if they can get it fixed.
      thanks for letting me know!
      And thanks for reading. :-)

  3. Julie says:

    Sandy! They FIXED it!

    Hooray! We did it! :-)

    I told them that just to say thank you, I would buy another book!
    And another… and another… oh, and maybe one more…

  4. Cathy says:

    Hello sistah, here’s a question for ya! I am an intuitive healer and spiritual medium – the way my work happens is that I at times will get messages for people that they know that have passed over who want or need to communicate with them. Usually this only occurs when I am working directly with a person HOWEVER, it is now happening with those that I do not know or even have personal contact with … The challenge is that I presently have 2 messages for 2 very famous celeb’s … rock stars to be exact! Hmmm, the difficulty is in reaching these people. My work has ALWAYS brought people to my door not the other way around and due to the nature of lifestyle, it is not an easy task to filter the messages through.
    Until I have the opportunity to actually pass on the spirit message to the individual person at hand, the message (energy) actually stays with me. Right now with the one person, it has been almost 18 mnths which is getting ridiculous SO I am open to perhaps seeing if you may actually know these 2 individuals or have a means in which to connect so we can all be freed!
    I do realize this is a strange request but quite frankly when spirit works, I have to honour and you were sent my way … I will await your response with a warm heart! big hugs, cathy

    • SandyGrason says:

      Hi Cathy,
      My suggestion would be to use Twitter. If these “rock stars” are on twitter they will definitely see your messages. I would even put the actual messages from their loved ones out there for them to read from you, so that they know you aren’t asking for anything from them, you truly want to just pass on these messages. If they don’t see it themselves, they probably have someone on their team that regularly watches twitter for them. At the very least, your making a real attempt to get these messages to them in this way, hopefully will release you from the karmic energy and let you get some peace. :-D
      Good luck!
      you are welcome to send me their names and I’ll see if I know them as well.

  5. Cathy says:

    thank you for your wise words .. actually did the twitter with one of them … anyways, the messages are for Ritchie Sambora from his dad and Steven Tyler from his mom and grandmother!
    Biggest hugs and love sistah, thanks for the reply! Have a wonderful day …c