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Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen’s Success
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Media Quotes from Sandy:

“The beauty of journaling is that it’s not just about
recording and interpreting, it has the power to change
who you are. Journaling changes the way you think and
feel about your world, because you start to notice more
of your life. You find yourself more ‘in the moment’
than you have ever been. You find yourself more you
than you have ever been.”

“Every person’s truth is different. That is why you
will not find your truth in a book or a seminar or a
Guru. But you can begin to find your truth on the blank

“Embrace this fact: as we live, we grow. If are not
growing, we are dying. Don’t try to avoid it, welcome
it. Love it. Revel in it. Sometimes weeds show up, but
weeds are really hidden opportunities to make your garden
even more wonderful. They call you to pay attention,
notice the details, and put some energy toward what
you want to create.”

“Finding yourself – your passion and purpose – is the
reason you are here. It’s not always easy, but it is
always extremely rewarding.”

“Once you have created a vision for your life, your
journal will keep you on track. It will be there to
remind you of your greatness. We all have the possibility
for greatness.”

“I firmly believe that each of us comes into this world
to contribute something – our unique voice. Part of
life is figuring out what that voice stands for, who
you are, and what your contribution will be. Your journal
will help you do this.”

“It’s easy to believe all of your critical voices –
the ones that tell you to play small, be afraid. It
takes courage to step beyond your comfort zone and fulfill
the whispers of greatness. I believe that those whispers
are glimpses of what is possible for your life. They
are your inner wisdom showing you what can be, if you
really want it.”

“Your entire life is made up of choices – to react or
not, to make a stand or shrink back, to follow a path
or be still. These everyday choices add up to your life.”

“Your journal is the perfect place to begin celebrating
every moment of your life.”

“When I began my journal, I barely knew who I was. I
wanted to heal from being abandoned by my father. I
wanted to find passion and purpose for my life – something
that would fulfill me. I wanted to contribute to something
larger than myself. I heard the whisper of possibility.”

“I know for sure that every one of us has an inner wisdom
that is available to guide us. You have all the answers
inside of you.”

“I know for sure that the glimpses we catch out of the
corners of our busy lives are put there for a reason,
and that anything we glimpse we can achieve, if we truly
desire it.”

“I know for sure that a journal and pen are some of
the best tools for creating a map for the life of your
dreams and calling out to the universe to bring all
of those dreams to life.”

“It’s up to you to give your life meaning and purpose.”

“My mission is to show you how to use your journal to
discover your passion, give back to the world, and celebrate
your life.”

“All you have to do is ask, be still, and listen for
the answers. Oh yeah, and then write them down in your


“Photography by Lesley Bohm”